SG committees disagree on funding request

Even though UK BookExchange was left out of this year’s Student Government budget, it might receive some funding from SG.

Sen. Jackie Colgate sponsored a Senate special project that requested $1,485 for the BookExchange, a service that connects local students who want to sell and buy textbooks directly to and from one another. Last year SG gave $2,000 to the non-profit service, but this year it was cut from the budget.

The proposal packet listed that the funding would pay for advertising for the BookExchange service. The Academic and Student Affairs Committee unanimously voted last night to recommend the project to the full Senate. The Appropriations and Revenue Committee, however, did not.

The A&R Committee voted to not recommend the project to the Senate because of a lack of information and the absence of a representative from the BookExchange, said A&R Vice Chair Brittany Pennington.

“That is a lot of money to say yes to when we don’t have a representative from that group,” Pennington said. “The concerns our committee had were a lack of information and some logistical things people need to know.”

SG committees decide whether or not to recommend a special project, but they must be voted on in the full Senate to go into effect. Although A&R voted to not recommend the project, Pennington said it could still pass.

“The senators know we looked over it, and it’s not a favorable thing,” Pennington said. “But they (the BookExchange) could come in and speak, and it could pass.”

The A&R committee tabled another funding request at its meeting. Wildcat Polo Inc. requested a club sport grant to pay for medicine and daily supplies for the horses in its care.

Senate President Tyler Montell said anything SG pays for must be stored on campus, but the items Wildcat Polo needed would be stored at a farm off campus. Pennington said A&R needed to look at the technicality further, and the request was put on emergency status for the full Senate meeting next week.

Six other funding requests were approved, along with another Senate special project. An amendment concerning the Appropriations Act passed through A&R and Academic and Student Affairs.

The amendment changed the act so that Senate special projects can use funds to purchase food only from the University Dining Services. Other SG grants are not allowed to be used for food. This change would help student organizations working with Senate special projects, Pennington said

“This will help open up different opportunities for groups,” Pennington said. “And it guarantees that UK is getting money back.”

The Internal Relations Committee met last night as well, approving the Appropriations Act amendment, a resolution regarding Elections Board nominations and another resolution concerning the appointments of Supreme Court justices. All of these will go to the full Senate on Oct. 10.