Top-20 plan focuses on the future

I am writing in regard to Brett Nolan’s column in yesterday’s Kernel on UK’s tuition increases.

It is imperative that Nolan is called out on his statement that “undergraduate education is all but worthless at UK.” Twenty thousand-plus students and hundreds of thousands of alumni nationwide would strongly disagree.

Mr. Nolan’s argument was centered on the fact that current students aren’t reaping the benefits of the Top 20 Business Plan. Had he done his research, Nolan would have realized that the future, not the present, is the primary focus of Dr. Todd’s plan.

Instead of pointing out miniscule blemishes on the face of higher education, such as the lack of air-conditioned dorms, challenge yourself to do something positive for the university and its top-20 goal.

Not only are we investing our tuition dollars in this university, but the university is also investing its resources in its students to do something positive after graduation. UK would not be where it is today and where it will be in the future had it been providing students with “worthless” degrees.

Eric Spencer

Accounting and finance junior