Presentation of UK diplomas is shameful

I am writing as a May 2007 graduate of the University of Kentucky. I recently received my diploma in the mail. I say recently because it was being held due to an overdue library book from the first semester of my freshman year, but I digress.

I was shocked and appalled at the presentation of such an honorable document. For those of you who have not yet achieved the goal of a college degree, I will explain the appearance, as it won’t take long.

A blue folder, nearly identical to the 49-cent folders at Kroger with a piece of paper enclosed — that would be my degree.

Mind you, the diploma I received from the public high school I attended was displayed in a padded cover, which opened up to reveal a diploma, framed by the corners of the binding. Along with this awe-inspiring presentation of a diploma, I also received a credit-card sized, laminated copy of my diploma, which I still carry in my wallet today.

And I certainly did not pay the thousands of dollars I spent at this institution of higher learning, not to mention the added-on graduation fees, which I assumed went to things like this.

I was wrong.

I guess those in the administration just assume that you will spend the few hundred dollars more and have it custom framed in oak.

I think I will probably make a wallet-sized copy of mine at Kinkos and send the original back. I am offended.

Emily Hunkler

Journalism and political science alumna