DanceBlue fundraiser uses Web

By Alle Rorie

DanceBlue has incorporated fundraising into an activity that most college students do on a daily basis — Internet searches.

The 24-hour dance marathon, which raises money for the UK Pediatric Oncology Clinic, has partnered with to raise more funds. is an Internet search engine, similar to Google and Yahoo, that donates half of all of its revenue to non-profit organizations.

For every Internet search conducted in DanceBlue’s name, two cents are donated to the cause. Also, when users shop through, a portion of their purchase will be donated to charity.

“Registering with GoodSearch was extremely easy to do,” said Dave Ritchie, DanceBlue chairman. “We began to make money instantly.”

This is the first year since the event started three years ago that DanceBlue has used as a fundraising method, and supporters have conducted 16,546 searches to date, raising a total of $174.45 for DanceBlue through searches and purchases.

“We are hoping it will catch on with students, faculty, staff, alumni and all those involved with the organization,” said Meg Phillips, the DanceBlue marketing chair. “I’m excited to see how much we can raise for DanceBlue through GoodSearch.”

Since DanceBlue has registered with, the number of Internet searches conducted under DanceBlue’s name has multiplied.

In September, 74 Internet searches were conducted through In October, the number multiplied more than 100 times with 7,615 searches, and in November, the numbers stayed up with 7,407 searches. So far, 1,206 searches have been conducted in December, said Nate Simon, DanceBlue’s corporate relations chair.

“With time, we hope that we will have enough supporters using that we can generate several thousand dollars a year through Internet searches,” Ritchie said. ”In the meantime, DanceBlue will rely on other fundraising methods.”

The most successful fundraising method that DanceBlue uses is team fundraising, Ritchie said. The marathon participants create teams of at least five people to raise money for the event.

“Teams are the most important part of DanceBlue because the only way we can have a marathon is with dancers, and to be a dancer you must be part of a team,” said Alex McIlvaine, teams recruitment captain. “ is a way that DanceBlue in general is fundraising, but the way the teams are fundraising is totally up to them.”

Some methods DanceBlue teams have used in the past include bake sales, gift wrapping for and “canning,” or standing outside events such as basketball games with coffee cans for donations.

Additionally, DanceBlue is conducting a letter drive, where it will send letters to dancers and team members’ family and friends asking for donations. DanceBlue has also received support from local corporations.

Last year 60 student organizations and 317 student dancers raised $241,514.64 for DanceBlue. This year 75 student organizations are involved.

To conduct an Internet search to benefit DanceBlue, go to the GoodSearch Web site ( and select “DanceBlue” under the “Who do you GoodSearch for?” toolbar.