UK students are a pleasant group to work with

I have worked at UK for almost 13 years now, and currently I am a staff employee in the UK IT Customer Service Center in McVey Hall. I read the Kernel almost every day. I have noticed that the Kernel’s reporting of the current issues is often negative. Well, I just wanted to say something different, and that is that I am very proud to work at UK.

I really want to let the students at UK know, and I really mean this, that I think they are a great bunch of people. I talk to a lot of them on the phone and in person for my job, and I have never once had any problems with any of them. I find them to be very mannerly, most often I get a reply with a “yes, sir” or “no, sir” following, and a “thank you” after I help them. They seem very appreciative to be helped. I have also worked on UK events during a part-time security job outside of UK, and I have never once had any serious problems with any UK student either. I really applaud you all, and I thank you for making my day!

I hope you have a wonderful future and that your UK education takes you to the highest limits of your potential!

Lee Davis

UK IT customer service