SG looks to work with state leaders to benefit UK students in new year

Column by Nick Phelps

Hello friends! Welcome back to campus after what I thought was a rather short break, but getting out for the summer break before the Kentucky Derby makes it worth it, I guess.

Congratulations to our football team for winning its second bowl game in a row. It sure made me proud sitting in a stadium full of blue when I attended the Music City Bowl over the break.

Now, with the pigskin in the closet, we focus on basketball — let’s just try to stay positive. I do hear rumors there could be a new face around soon.

Before I start, I want to comment on the lack of transitions in my articles. A friend teased me about it over Winter Break, and I want everyone to know that I know they are not here. There just isn’t enough room!

Over the break, my team of Student Government members went on a retreat and spent a lot of time trying to focus in on what worked in our first semester and what we can do better this spring. We are excited about the possibilities, and we won’t stop until May.

I hope more students will come in and get involved, especially as we gear up for the General Assembly over in Frankfort.

In case you haven’t heard it in the news, the newly elected Gov. Steve Beshear is calling for budget cuts across higher education.

Before break, our goal was to work toward a tuition increase of 5 percent or less, but now with the potential budget cuts, there is not as much optimism. However, I will keep in touch about the outlook of the cost for your education in the next couple of months.

I know not all of you enjoy politics or politicians, but the truth is what they think and do directly affects things you do and care about. That’s why we hope to bring local, state and national political leaders to campus very soon.

Coming up in a couple weeks is the filing deadline for the 3rd District council seat — get ready! It is up to SG and all students to make sure the next representative is a student-friendly one. We will invite all candidates to campus along with Mayor Jim Newberry and current Councilman Dick DeCamp.

As you read this, I am in the SG office with Chief of Staff Chris Crumrine setting up meetings with every member of the Kentucky delegation that we can.

I scheduled no classes on Monday, Wednesday or Friday this semester so that we can be all over the Capitol during the legislative session. Believe it or not, SG will be on top of its political game this semester. The kickoff will be this Thursday as I talk with our UK Advocacy Network, legislators in Frankfort and UK President Lee Todd.

I am excited about a lot of things right now, and the new electric shaver I got for Christmas is one of them. The purchased golf cart for SafeCats has arrived! Look for it cruising around campus.

There are a lot of events occurring in the upcoming week and half under our spring welcome week, also known as K2 programs. I know many of you participated in K-Week this past semester and had a blast. Visit the Web site to tell you what’s going on (


Also, go ahead and mark your calendars for two big upcoming events: the Martin Luther King Jr. vigil on Jan. 20 and DanceBlue on Feb. 22 and 23. There is so much to do for both events, and we need volunteers, so come in to the SG office in room 120 of the Student Center, and I’ll hook you up.

Well, I am done for now! Keep in touch with me, folks, every other Tuesday as we enjoy my last semester at UK together. I promise it to be a fun one.

Nick Phelps is the president of UK Student Government. E-mail [email protected]