From cold weather to budget cuts, SG works to aid students

Howdy! We’re going through some tough times these days, aren’t we? Budget cuts, men’s basketball losses, the Cowboys can’t win a playoff game, and every morning starts with shivering because it takes my car so long to warm up.

It’s okay though. Things will get better! How about our women’s basketball team knocking off No. 18 Auburn and our gymnastics team earning its first Southeastern Conference victory in two seasons? Keep it up!

On Friday, I spent my first day in Frankfort meeting with state representatives about higher education, especially issues concerning UK. I enjoyed the experience, and I look forward to keeping the pressure on as the state General Assembly continues to hold meetings this week.

The state representatives and your Student Government representatives are discussing the cost of college and things that can be done to alleviate some of the strain; other topics include new buildings on campus, bonding authority and gun control.

It is our hope that a constant UK presence will turn into direct results in full funding for the university and possible financial relief for students. If you are interested in joining us, come on over! Go ahead and mark on your calendar the dates Feb. 19 and 20. One of the two dates will be the annual rally during which we will join students of other Kentucky colleges in making some noise on the hill.

To increase your safety, be sure to join the newly launched UK Alert. Go to and sign up. You could win an iPhone.

I may stand on a sidewalk this week with a sign that reads, “Yell if SG makes your day better.” I know hundreds of you are getting hot chocolate and coffee during our Warm Up Wednesday project. We are in a different place each week, and our Warm Up Wednesday team made a lot of students’ morning warmer at Funkhouser last week. That new SafeCats golf cart makes getting around a lot easier!

There are some new things headed our way, and all of you should be pumped! The USA Today college readership program is coming to campus thanks to SG. Look for these newspaper units all over campus: They will provide the New York Times and USA Today daily for everyone. The Kernel is a good campus newspaper, but now you will be equipped for anything with a notable national paper.

Have you heard about is everything Central Kentuckians could want in an entertainment site and more — concerts, movies, stage previews and reviews, easily searchable events calendar, comprehensive restaurant guide and favorite Herald-Leader bloggers, including Jamie Gumbrecht and Rich Copley. And viewers can share their videos and photos. is the new place to go for entertainment in Lexington and around Central Kentucky! Go to by Feb. 11 to enter to win an iPod nano!

Speaking of Web sites, SG will have a new one in a week or so! Be sure to check it out at

Are you bored? Have you been looking for something to do that will develop into real change for the betterment of UK? Register for Students Educating and Empowering to Develop Safety’s training this weekend. Go to

vipcenter and learn more about the Violence Intervention and Prevention center’s goal of a violence-free campus. I attended the SEEDS training, and I strongly recommend we all take part in the program.

This has been a fun and proud year in SG. Have you thought about coming and being a part of the organization? How about running for an office? Elections are coming up, so come in and ask how you can get involved!

Keep up the hard work folks. Let’s keep this train rolling!

Nick Phelps is the president of UK Student Government. E-mail [email protected]