Developing downtown block would destroy local landmarks

There has been a lot of talk in the last few years about town-gown relations and what a shame it is that the UK campus does not have a better relationship with Lexington’s downtown.

However, instead of improving this relationship, it looks like overzealous developers may cause Lexington and UK to become even more estranged.

A Feb. 22 front page Kernel story, “Many fear development could hurt music scene,” spoke of the possible destruction of the block downtown bordered by Main, Upper, Vine and Limestone streets in order to build a luxury hotel. Although the article focused on the loss of a music venue, if this block is destroyed, Lexington and UK will lose much more.

This block is home to several locally owned businesses that both add character to downtown and provide a draw for UK students and other Lexington residents. If this block is leveled, we will lose not only a very successful music venue but also a place to play pool, a restaurant and several historic buildings that can never be replaced.

The government officials quoted in the Kernel article professed ignorance as to the exact plans for this development. I hope that the UK community will make an effort to make sure that our local officials are not only informed about but also opposed to this misguided plan.

Alice Wasielewski

Library staff, 2006 library science alumna