Biz prof to give final word on relationships

By Diane Dawson

Gordon Holbein usually speaks to UK students about business management, but today he will explore the impact of human relationships in decision-making.

Holbein, a senior lecturer in the Gatton College of Business and Economics, will speak at 6 p.m. in the W.T. Young Library Auditorium as part of the Final Word series. The series began last semester to give professors an opportunity to present a lecture of their choosing as if it were their last time to address students.

Tonight’s speech, “We Feel: The Fine Art of Touch,” should not be very far off topic from Holbein’s typical lectures, he said, because human relationships are so integral to the business field. Beyond that, Holbein did not want to reveal much of his topic; he encouraged students to come and find out for themselves.

“The different ways we make decisions that matter most in our lives is how I would sum up my speech without giving too much away,” he said.

The Final Word series is an opportunity for students to see another side of their professors, said Meghan Bostic, director of engaging issues on the Student Activities Board, which sponsors the series.

It allows students to hear about things that their professors are passionate about, she said.

“This series was very popular last semester, so we decided to bring it back this semester,” Bostic said. “I’d like to see it continue and give every professor the opportunity to speak on the topic of their choice.”

SAB tries to invite well-known professors on campus to be a part of the lectures, and almost all of the professors are excited to participate in the series, Bostic said.

Three professors, including Holbein, have been invited to give speeches this semester. Last semester, topics ranged from politics and sex to religion. About 200 students attended the last lecture, where political science professor Christopher Rice spoke on anarchy and atheism.