Help us restore citizens’ voting rights

I was pleased to see an excellent job of covering Tuesday’s great restoration event on campus, because it was such a success. So many people and groups came together to make that event so successful, and all deserve credit.

That event relied on the prestige and personnel from groups as diverse as the Black Student Union, the Newman Center, the Latino American Student Organization, Amnesty International, UK College Democrats, Alpha Kappa Alpha, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Delta Sigma Theta and Kentuckians For The Commonwealth. Without any of these groups, Tuesday’s event could not have happened.

However, as each speaker and organization said, it cannot end with just having this event. Action is needed — each person who attended signed a postcard, letter or petition (or a combination of the three), has volunteered to call the legislature and will be coming to Frankfort to help work on this important issue on Feb. 28.

For those of you who love democracy and want to see it both expanded and protected, we encourage you to come out and help. Go to Frankfort with us on Feb. 28, and tell your legislators about how many people you see around campus who cannot vote. Tell them how in your community there is always at least one person who is without their rights due to a mistake they made in their past. Help make a difference, and help make Kentucky better. Restore voting rights to Kentuckians who have served their time.

Joe Gallenstein

Political science senior