SG shows willingness to learn about Islam

Recently, I sat in on the “Faithbusters” panel sponsored by the Student Activities Board and organized by the Muslim Student Association to discuss the basics of Islam. I also had the opportunity to attend the most recent UK Student Government meeting, where a sit-in was organized in disapproval of SG President Nick Phelps’ forwarded e-mail.

At the SG Senate meeting, I, along with many other UK students, did my best to make clear why false, negative portrayals of any religious or racial group can be both counterproductive and dangerous. At the same time, I encouraged any member of the SG Senate who knew little about Islam to attend the Faithbusters Q and A.

I would just like to applaud Phelps and the fine group of senators who attended. Not only did SG manage to nearly fill an entire row of seats at the event, each of them portrayed a candid interest in learning more about Islam. At first, I was wary that SG might simply wish to exploit its presence to save face. I now feel certain, however, that all the senators in attendance honestly desired to better educate themselves about Islam and UK’s campus-wide Muslim community.

I certainly hope the Muslim Student Association’s relationship with SG does not stop here. Knowledge only comes to fruition when it translates into action, and there is much to be done at UK to foster a truly diverse environment.

Although I certainly cannot speak for all of Lexington’s Muslims, I can personally say that I am fully ready to work alongside SG toward promoting a more racially, religiously and philosophically diverse experience here at UK.

Matthew Longacre

Management sophomore