With SG election fast approaching, vote wisely

Now that Nick Phelps has apologized for forwarding an inflammatory and inappropriate e-mail, it is time for the campus to not only unite around the issue of diversity, but to also reflect on what it really means to be a member of Student Government and a representative of the entire student body. Even if Phelps does not resign, there will be another election for SG positions soon.We have been given insight into the ability of our elected SG representatives to lead and to make solid decisions about their actions and the role they play in our university’s campus. When the SG elections start this time around, students who have been appalled by the recent actions of SG president and senators alike should consider voting for someone who is capable of representing us with dignity and respect for their office.

I believe an SG member should be easily accessible to students and be aware of the issues we care about (revamping Boyd and Jewell halls, stopping destructive plans for Robinson Forest, creating a sustainable campus, etc.), and extremely cognizant of their actions. If you have read the recent quotes of our representatives in the Kernel, you know that there is much left to be desired.

This time when you vote, think about whether the person you are choosing is someone who is qualified to represent you well, to be open to your concerns every single day, and to provide a strong and vocal voice of the student body at the Board of Trustees meetings.

If in the past you have voted for someone simply because they are a part of the Greek community, or they handed you Rice Krispie treat, or they have the most obnoxious and ever-present signs tacked up everywhere, think twice this year.

Stop the scandals and use your vote to ensure a positive, progressive future for all students at UK.

Laura Seithers

Linguistics, Spanish and gender and women’s studies senior