Stay diligent to protect yourself from shootings

Campus shootings are a difficult crime to prevent. Warning systems do nothing to protect those at the epicenter of campus violence, shootings or otherwise. These systems have a purpose, but they mostly provide a false sense of safety. What can be done to protect those in the immediate vicinity?

After Virginia Tech, stories were told of students barricading themselves in classrooms. This is not possible in White Hall Classroom Building where all of the doors open toward the hallway and not in toward the classroom. This is practical and incredibly simple.

Students must increase their diligence. Unfortunately, not everyone has an awareness of their surroundings; they often don’t know what to look for and what steps to take to protect themselves. The university would be wise to invest in seminars held by law enforcement and security personnel that would equip students with skills to be called upon during a shooting or similar incident.

We need to unplug the iPods and take an interest in our surroundings and people who may be exhibiting erratic behaviors. Without this diligence and in the absence of a totally controlled campus, UK will always be vulnerable.

Joel Willett

UK graduate student