Phelps should resign after offensive e-mail

When I read the headline story of Wednesday’s Kernel, I felt shocked and embarrassed as a member of the UK student body. It wasn’t just because of the poor judgment of Student Government President Nick Phelps, I was also ashamed that a good student at UK could possibly believe and spread such an outrageous and unfounded e-mail.

The people who help spread e-mails about Barack Obama being linked to Islamic terrorists are as ignorant, ill-informed and as easy to manipulate as those on the extreme left who believe the Bush administration had a role in the Sept. 11 attacks.

I am embarrassed that UK lacks diversity and that Phelps can live in such a vacuum to think for a second the e-mail needed to be seen by others for any reason. I am ashamed that people like Phelps make our SG look like a good ole’ boys’ club rather than a body of government that should be working on student safety and other issues. I am embarrassed that people outside of the university might think a majority of us support and agree with an SG leader like Phelps.

So please Mr. Phelps, for your university’s good name, your constituency and the numerous people you’ve offended, do the right thing and step down.

Adam Jonas

Sociology graduate student