New sorority can improve Greek, campus diversity

Sororities have always been based in the principles of sisterhood, but it’s refreshing to see an addition to UK’s Greek community that will be taking such values to another level.

Delta Phi Mu is a Latina-based multicultural sorority founded in Purdue University in 1991. A UK chapter was formed in February and is progressing toward becoming an official UK organization, the Kernel reported yesterday.

This institution breaks away from traditional worlds of sororities and fraternities where the members are either primarily black or white. The Greek community at UK has claimed to be progressing toward a more diverse future and has cited initiatives, but the addition of Delta Phi Mu is a positive and definitive step forward in achieving diversity on campus.

It’s an organization that doesn’t see diversity of backgrounds as a bonus but as a priority.

“I think all of us are hoping that since it is multicultural, and not black or white, which seems to be the tradition, we can bridge the gap between them,” said Jourdan Coyle, a founding member and history junior, in the Kernel yesterday. “It will bring people together that may not know what another person’s culture is like.”

Such a group on UK’s campus is a step forward for the university in general. Purdue has had this presence since 1991, and other universities have had Greek multicultural organizations on campus for sometime.

“I’m excited to have a multicultural group on campus … There are several other large universities that have a multicultural sorority based on their campus,” said Susan West, dean of students, in the article.

UK’s Greek community is not terribly exclusive, and the gains it has made are valuable. But with that said, it’s still a very segregated portion of the population, and change can be slow at traditional institutions. Delta Phi Mu has the potential to be one of the most proactive efforts in creating an inclusive environment not only in the Greek community but also on campus as a whole.

Delta Phi Mu will be holding informational meetings in the coming months for students interested in joining. It will begin recruiting once it is approved by UK. More information is available at the UK chapter’s Web site (