Event close to finding new venue

By Alice Haymond

Beaux Arts Ball found a new venue yesterday, and as long as it passes the building inspection today, students and Lexington residents in costume will make their way to the annual UK College of Design fundraiser at a warehouse across from Newtown Crossing Apartments.

“The space is huge,” said Kristi Buchler, this year’s Beaux Arts director. “It’s perfect.”

The new venue, Kentucky Eagle Beer warehouse on Angliana Avenue, is the fifth location the planning committee has looked at since preparations began in August. The fourth one, a warehouse on Hickory Street, failed Tuesday’s building inspection for not having emergency sprinklers.

The committee began looking for a new location at 1 p.m. Tuesday. Buchler, an interior design senior, said she and her staff received a lot of help from city officials, College of Design Dean Michael Speaks, former dean and architecture professor David Mohney, and many other people in Lexington.

“Everybody has been sending in suggestions, so it’s really been a community effort,” Buchler said.

One of those community members was the new venue’s owner, Ann McBrayer. Buchler said as soon as she told McBrayer on Tuesday that Beaux Arts needed a new location, the president of Kentucky Eagle Beer was determined to help.

Around 6:30 last night, McBrayer called Buchler and told her that Beaux Arts could use her warehouse. By that time, however, the Lexington Fire Department was closed and could not check the new location. The department would inspect the building to make sure it meets codes this morning, Buchler said, but until then the location is not official.

“I’m really relieved, but at the same time this is our fifth venue,” she said, adding that she is half-expecting something to go wrong.

When the Beaux Arts committee finalizes the new location, it will post flyers on campus, update the Beaux Arts Web site (www.beaux-arts-ball.com), and update the Beaux Arts pages on Facebook and MySpace.