Reduced budget cuts into tutoring service

With state funding cuts stretching UK’s budget for the upcoming school year, one student service is in danger of losing funding.

The Study has been open for a few years, but it will have to cut many of its programs if outside funding sources do not come through.

Over the past four years The Study has received funding from various sources such as Student Government and individual colleges, said Karin Lewis, director of academic enhancement at The Study. But because of the budget cuts, funding is not coming in like previous years, she said.

“Right now we don’t have commitments like we usually do because each of the colleges don’t know what they’re going to have to cut,” Lewis said.

The Study provides free academic consultations, peer tutoring and study strategy seminars for UK students. Political science and Spanish junior Jessica Johnson works as a peer tutor in Math 123 and said The Study helps students who have trouble learning in large classes.

“It’s a great help to students because some of these classes are huge and it’s hard for them to learn in that environment,” Johnson said. “People often say there is no way they could pass the class without The Study.”

The provost has contributed money to The Study in the past, Lewis said, but now that contribution is not certain either. When deciding where to absorb the budget cut, Provost Kumble Subbaswamy said in an e-mail that his goal is to maintain the quality of the educational experience at UK.

“We have to balance the curricular staffing needs against various support functions,” Subbaswamy said in the e-mail. “The Study is, indeed, an important academic support service. My budget reduction recommendation to the President will try to balance all these considerations as best as possible.”

With the reduction in funding, Johnson said she hopes the provost will provide money to keep The Study going.

“I’m highly disappointed because the provost needs to recognize that academics are why we are here,” Johnson said. “The Study provides a huge resource for students to improve in academics.”

The Study held a staff meeting Sunday, Johnson said, and workers were informed that The Study would be very understaffed and that many of its services would have to be cut.

Normally at this point in the year, Lewis said she would be recruiting and hiring students to work next year. But with the uncertainty of the funding, she said that has been put on hold.