Newly elected SG Senate appoints leaders

By Katie Saltz and Kelli Long

The new Student Government Senate met for the first time last night to swear in the senators and appoint leadership positions.

After swearing in SG President Tyler Montell and Vice President Grant Mills, Sen. Jackie Colgate was elected as the senate president for the upcoming school year. Colgate said her experience as a senator and a committee chair is a great help to the position and she hopes to draw on past successes to guide her in the job.

“I’ve been a part of SG for four years,” Colgate said. “I have seen great senate presidents, and I have huge shoes to fill, and I hope to meet people’s expectations.”

The Senate also unanimously approved the budget for the summer months, which comprises $2,600 of the $4,500 surplus from this year. Tyler Fleck, who served as the director of constituency services this year, was confirmed as chief of staff for Montell’s administration.

Fleck will work in the SG office this summer, preparing for the coming school year. Fleck said his priority is maintaining communication with UK administrators and with Frankfort.

“One of the most important things is keeping the relationship with administration strong,” Fleck said. “Also important is to focus on diversity, and getting students involved.”

Committee members were appointed and the chairs were elected at the meeting. Sen. Kara Osborne will chair Internal Affairs, Sen. Kelsey Hayes will chair Academic and Student Affairs and Sen. Adam French will chair Appropriations and Revenue.

French said he felt prepared to lead the committee that controls student funding requests, and he has new ideas to avoid this year’s situation, when SG allocated all of the A&R funding by February.

“I wouldn’t have put myself in the position to get nominated if I wasn’t prepared. I have seen what works and what doesn’t,” French said. “I’m working on another amendment that will set aside 45 percent for second-semester projects. There are good projects in March and April that should be treated the same as projects in September and October.”

Montell said he felt confident in the new Senate, calling them the “most diverse and most capable” group he had ever seen in SG.

“I am pleased with the enthusiasm and involvement that I have seen tonight,” Montell said. “I hope that every senator feels that they have a voice.”

The Senate also made appointments to the University Senate, the Impeachment and Censure Committee and the Summer Senate. Sen. Justin Stewart was elected as Senate coordinator and Sen. Lauren Anker was elected as the Committee on Committees member-at-large.