Workshop offers tips on year-round bike maintainence

By Courtney Bisig

Campus bike racks show those left behind — one has a flat tire, another has warped wheels from neglect through the seasons; some might have squeaky brakes or jams in the chains.

Wildcat Wheels will teach students the basics of bike maintenance Monday so they can fix their broken bikes and get them back out on the street. The Bike Maintenance Workshop will be in the North Campus courtyard from 5 to 7 p.m.

“The bicycle is the best way to get around our campus and community,” said Shane Tedder, coordinator of Wildcat Wheels, which offers bike rentals and repair.

Tedder is bringing the program to campus as part of Earthdays in the Bluegrass, a monthlong series of events that promotes sustainability.

Bikes should be the preferred mode of transportation for students because it is healthier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than driving a car, said Jonathan Hobbs, a Wildcat Wheels student staff member.

“It almost has a romantic theme to it, taking a bike out to get groceries, not being dependant on a car all the time,” Hobbs said. “It’s just a simpler, easier way of life.”

Tedder said the Bike Maintenance Workshop will help students see the advantages of riding a bicycle, and will show them simple ways to repair their bikes if they choose to start or continue using one.

Jakub Toborek, a human nutrition senior, said biking is a great way to avoid the economic stress of gas on a college student, as well as the frustration with finding places to park on campus.

“On a bike you can park on the nearest bike rack, which is usually present within 200 feet of each building on campus.” Toborek said.

Tedder said he hopes that teaching students how to easily fix their bikes will encourage them to rent one from Wildcat Wheels to try on campus and around the community.

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