Bookstore’s new look will be a more inviting environment

UK Bookstore is finally receiving a much-needed facelift thanks to the partnership with Follett High Education Group. With a more accessible entrance on Avenue of Champions, UK and Follett have taken another step in creating a more inviting and accessible bookstore for current, past and future students.

Having been shrouded in darkness to visitors, the current bookstore’s entrance could often be confusing to those visiting from outside the Lexington area. It would be no surprise if many visitors had trouble locating it when the logical entrance would be Avenue of Champions.

According to Sally Wiatrowski, manager of the UK Bookstore, Follett Higher Education Group is covering all costs of renovation, leaving both the university and students winners in the situation. And students shouldn’t worry about the renovations getting in the way of purchasing books for the fall semester, because that part of the renovations should be complete by August.

The UK Bookstore will complete phase one, renovation of the inside of the building, in two halves. The first half will be complete by June 13 and the second half will be complete by August.

Phase two, which encompasses the exterior construction and addition, should be complete by November, Wiatrowski said.

With budget cuts frustrating many UK students, the Kernel commends Follett for giving the university bookstore the renovations it deserves, which will in turn give the university the revenue it needs.