Todd not listening to voices of disgruntled

Just out of curiosity, as an avid UK fan, mother of a former student and employee of UK, what’s up with the fact that in a time of budget cuts due to funding and raising student costs the only one person ranks a bonus when all those hard working employees making him look so good don’t even get their modest 2 percent raise?

Does President Lee Todd not open the windows of his ivory tower long enough to hear how disgruntled most of his employees and students really are?

The budget cuts in the departments that may not put UK in the top-20 bracket, but they have brought the university quite a bit of versatility and notoriety.

I’m not against someone coming into his or her own, but don’t step on the “little people” who helped you on your way up.

Don’t hurt the ones whose futures are in your hands by making it impossible to come to the university in the future. Do people really buy the nobility of turning down $50,000, but accepting $95,000 for someone who is the spokesman and is already paid a healthy salary for the position? Many people work so much harder, and the administration would be a mess if those that bust their tails and get so little for it simply walked out. Appreciation and compensation go a long way. Wake up ivory tower; step out on your balcony and listen. Just remember it’s not a wise idea to utter the words, “Let them eat cake!!”

Humbly submitted for those too intimidated to speak up…

DJ Lanham

UK parent