SG forms committees to engage UK community

Like most of UK, Student Government is working this summer to develop programs and make changes to their operations despite cuts to their budget.

SG President Tyler Montell is working to redistribute some of the areas of funding with a budget that is $100,000 less than the $400,000 that the organization had to work with two years ago.

Montell and Vice President Grant Mills have made changes to how SG’s yearly budget will be spent including committing $100,000 to be given to organizations and groups who need funding assistance from the Senate. This is $30,000 more than was allotted last year.

“Last year it was $70,000 and they (Appropriations and Revenue committee) ran out in February,” Mills said.

SG has also allotted money to train the senators in their responsibilities and purposes of the various committees. By increasing the level of training and expertise the committees have, Mills said he believes that the money they are giving away will be spent in the best ways possible.

Despite cuts in the budget, SG is creating new programs because Mills said he feels it is important to give back to students.

One of SG’s goals is to create a program that engages students, faculty and staff members in university affairs, Montell said.

Montell and Mills have created 18 advisory boards specialized on topics ranging from environmental issues to Greek affairs as part of a new Campus 365 program.

“We have charged the boards with creating a strategic plan for the year,” Mills said. “They’re writing a document based on research for these departments, seeing what the university is doing, what their goals are and how students can get involved.” Additionally, Mills said these boards will also look at how SG can help with the different causes.

Mills said Campus 365 and the documents written up from the research will help SG to create a vision of goals for the year and hold SG accountable for these goals. The program will become a resource for students to see what UK is doing and how they can get involved, Mills said. Montell said he hopes this will help students understand how their tuition money is being used.

“While tuition is going up, we want to show students what UK is doing with (their) money,” Montell said.

In addition to Campus 365, Montell and Mills are in the process of determining what they plan to bring to UK, the goals they would like to accomplish and the changes they want to see on campus.

“During our campaign we talked about getting a blog on our Web site,” Mills said. By adding a blog, Mills said SG will receive more feedback and questions from students.

By expanding their online exposure, SG plans to reach out to more students, Montell said.

“We want to make our availability to students multi-faceted,” Montell said. “We’re willing to learn how to (blog) and be more available.”

Plans to update the Web site include adding short biographies and contact information of every SG executive officer, staff and senator.

The processes of the A & R committee, which handles all of SG’s funding, will be moved online as well including making forms and applications for organization funding on the SG Web site.