UK-U of L live football blog — second half

That’s a wrap — UK defeats U of L 27-2

It definitely wasn’t pretty, but UK has done it again. The Cats defeated U of L 27-2, marking the first back-to-back wins since UK did it in 1997-98.

The defense was the story, but I’ll have more on that later. Until then, I have to run down to the media room and get some quotes. Wish me luck.

Defense comes up big again

Just moments after surrendering three, the U of L offense turned the ball over. Hunter Cantwell’s pass was tipped by Ventrell Jenkins and picked off by Trevard Lindley. The junior cornerback returned the ball down to the Cards’ 7-yard line, and Tony Dixon scored a play later.

That puts the Cats up 20-2 with 6:21 to go. By all means, this one is over.

Cats add three

UK added a field goal to go up 13-2. More importantly, the Cats ate up clock. UK marched the ball downfield 56 yards on 11 plays in five minutes. U of L is taking over with 6:37 to go.

UK dodges a turnover

UK’s defense held after the safety, but UK almost gave the ball right back. Dicky Lyons Jr. fumbled the punt return and U of L recovered inside UK territory. But fortunately for UK, a flag was thrown for catch interference. The Cats got the ball back plus an additional 15 yards.

From up here, it looked like a bad call. Though he was pretty close, Louisville’s Bilal Powell never touched him. The returner is supposed to have two yards, but that’s getting pretty ticky-tacky if the refs are going to call that.

UK needs to take advantage of the zebras’ help. U of L was starting to grab a little momentum and this game is too close for the Cats to feel comfortable.

U of L just got called for having 12 men on the field — the second time that’s happened in this game — which pushes UK down to the U of L 24.

And then they go and do that

Not even a second after I posted that last one, Brooks decided to throw the ball inside their own 20. Big mistake. Louisville’s Earl Heyman blew up the UK line and forced Hartline into an intentional grounding penalty — from the end zone. That spells safety.

So U of L finally strikes. It took awhile, and it’s only two points, but they’re within a score now. UK 10, U of L 2.

One more to go

Neither offense did anything with the ball in the third quarter. But UK’s defense continued to look impressive, and they laid out the hits in doing so. Micah Johnson had a nasty hit, Ashton Cobb another. But the biggest hit came when Braxton Kelley lit up Hunter Cantwell in the backfield on a key third-down situation.

U of L had finally started to move the ball and had creeped down to the UK 48. But Kelley blew past the U of L line and sacked Cantwell for an 8-yard loss.

Expect a steady does of Derrick Locke and Tony Dixon in the second half. With the way this game is going, if you’re UK, all you want to do is hold onto the ball and eat up clock.

Not much happening

As the heading suggests, there isn’t much to talk about so far in the second half. Neither offense has moved at all. Two UK punts, one U of L punt. Scoreboard still reads 10-0. And I’m still sweating my butt off.