Post-game thoughts

Look, I thought the defense was going to be better. I expected fewer broken tackles, a few more turnovers and a lower points allowed average. But I didn’t expect them to be this improved.

It is my initial reaction, so the total perspective might not have kicked in yet, but that was as good of a defensive performance as I’ve seen from UK, since well, ever. They didn’t miss tackles. They made the routine plays. And they sure as heck capitalized on turnovers — all five of them to be exact.

I could go on and on about the defensive performance, but I’ll let you be the judge for now. On Monday I’ll go into more detail about the stingy D the Cats had out there today. Let’s just say I’m a believer.

Hope everybody enjoyed the first game blog. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Below are a few quotes from Rich Brooks’ press conference after the game:

“Obviously this a great way to start the season. We talked about how we thought we had a defense. Today, by golly, we sure did. They took it upon themselves to score enough points to win this game.”

On quarterback Mike Hartline…

“I thought he showed a lot of poise out there. He handled and managed the game very well.”

“I had a lot of questions and doubts coming into this game. But by in large, we played about as good of a game as we could have expected coming in here on the road.”