UK-U of L live football blog – pre-game

LOUISVILLE — Greetings from Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium in Louisville. First thing is first — it’s hot. Like sweat pouring down your back hot. I feel sorry for all those photographers (Brad Luttrell and Allie Garza) who have to be on the field for this one.

But on to more important things. As I said yesterday, this game is a complete mystery. It could literally go either way, but I certainly don’t expect a blowout one way or another. I am looking for two things:

One, will the Cats’ defense be as good as advertised? We’ve heard all offseason about the experience and depth of the UK D, but can they contain Hunter Cantwell, who by all accounts, can throw and score with the best of them in college football.

And two, will UK stick primarily to its running attack? The UK backs are without question the Cats’ best threat on offense, but U of L knows the run is coming. Does that mean UK head coach Rich Brooks tries to air it out early and extend the UK secondary? Or does he ram it down a usually porous U of L run defense anyways?

It should be interesting to watch. We’re about eight minutes until kickoff and the stadium is about to near capacity. There’s a good UK contigent behind the South end zone near the top and even a bigger crowd near the 10-yard line near the North end zone.

I’ll have more as soon as we get started. Until then, I need to rehydrate.