Students discuss drinking age idea

Allie Garza//Kentucky Kernel Underage students drink on a Saturday night.

Allie Garza//Kentucky Kernel Underage students drink on a Saturday night.

“I think it’s a good idea. At 18, you should be able to make adult decisions. Obviously, you have people who aren’t ready to make those decisions. Then again, it could be a lesson learned for them.”

Aaron Sexton, 19, music performance sophomore

“I think the drinking age should only be lowered in specific areas, such as college campuses where the students should be responsible enough to make their own decisions.”

Andrew Wilson, 19, marketing sophomore

“I think it’s OK as long as the kids are responsible with their choices. It’s not as much an age issue as it is a maturity issue.”

Michael Lee, 18, biology freshman

“I think that if 18-year- olds can fight in a war, then they can drink a beer.”

Cierra McAdoo, 23, special education senior

“When you’re allowed to do something, you don’t abuse it or take it to extremes. Kids only want to do what they’re not supposed to.”

Amber Shobe, 18, English freshman

“I think the drunk driving rate would go up if it were lowered, but either way, students will do what they want.”

Jasmine Beman, 19, theater freshman

“Maybe President Todd doesn’t want to take a stand on the issue because of his reputation with the students. He doesn’t want to jeopardize that reputation and be seen as less cool.”

Tai Herndon, 18, marketing freshman

“Once it becomes legal, people will do it less. People want what they can’t have.”

Aaron Camper, 18, marketing freshman

“I agree with lowering the age. Kids that want to drink at 17, 18, 19, will. It will help demystify drinking.”

Cody Swanson, 21, topical studies senior

“If you look at other countries with a more lax law on drinking, you’ll see that underage drinking isn’t a big problem. In America, our culture is more like ‘drink as much as you possibly can.’ ”

Zephaniah Bostow, 20, English junior

“I think it would be positive because kids under 21 want to bend the rules because it’s exciting. I think there would be a transitional period, but eventually would be better.”

Shelby Dotsey, 19, nursing sophomore

“If the age is lowered, where would be the distinction between 18-year-old high school students and 18-year-old college students?”

Amanda Best, 21, biology senior

“If the age was lowered to 18, the kids who are 16 will use the defense that if they are old enough to drive, they should be able to drink. When would it stop?”

Becca Kersting, 22, middle school education senior

“It might be a good idea because people seem to binge on their 21st birthday, so they would get that over before college.”

Matt Layson, 22, electrical engineering senior

“It’s good and bad. It has ups and downs either way. I don’t know if making kids happier by lowering the age would be good in the long run.”

Kristen Schmidt, 20, communications junior

“People who normally wouldn’t drink wouldn’t have to go out of their way to do it. You have plenty of 18-year-olds running around doing nonsense anyway.”

Chris Ndife, 18, biology freshman

“If it were lowered, I think it would help. If you sat down with parents in high school and had a drink at dinner, it wouldn’t be seen as cool.”

Brian Passafiume, 22, mechanical engineering senior

“It would make things easier for the university and law enforcement. I think it causes stress all the way around and it would keep it safe and regulated.”

Ben Rupp, 19, materials engineering sophomore