BLOG: What a shame – Woodson’s stock drops again, released from Giants

Former UK quarterback Andre Woodson was released on Saturday by the New York Giants. Woodson, who was rumored to be a first-round draft pick at this time last year, was unable to avoid the ax on NFL “cutdown day.”

ESPN is speculating that the Giants will probably place Woodson on their practice squad. Here’s hoping they do. After witnessing the effort Woodson poured in the over the past couple of years in transforming the UK football program, you can’t help but feel for the guy.

What I can’t understand is how quickly Woodson’s stock has plummeted over the past six months. At one point he was a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate and a possible first-round draft pick. Then word got out of a so-called “hitch” in his throwing mechanics and suddenly he slipped all the way down to the sixth round in the NFL Draft.

It just doesn’t make any sense. He was spectacular during his final two seasons in Lexington and had that look and feel of a pro quarterback. Although he ended up with a team that didn’t really need a quarterback, most people figured he would be a serviceable backup, which he very might well be someday. But it doesn’t make any sense to me to get rid of a proven winner like Woodson and elect to stick with only two quarterbacks like the Giants have elected to do so.

If he doesn’t end up on the practice squad – which I believe he will – some team will definitely take a shot with him. I’m certainly pulling for him.