New diversity VP will bring about needed improvements

I was delighted to read about J.J. Jackson Thursday in the Kernel. I think with her we will see a lot of change in the diversity enrollment for UK. When she said in Thursday’s Kernel article, “One way to get there is we need all those different colors and people with disabilities in our classroom,” I believe that to be true. People have different views on different things and different parts of the world. Different backgrounds can teach a lot to those who didn’t come from the same place.

Not even yesterday my friends and I were talking about how there are so few of us (blacks) around campus and the fact that there are still racism issues on this campus. This doesn’t scare us, but it doesn’t make us feel comfortable either. Having two of my friends experience issues and only being a freshman makes me wonder. And the fact that there are only one or two blacks in almost all of my classes is difficult for me. I really hope Jackson can bring about some change and real diversity onto this campus.

Ashley Beeler

journalism freshman