Students discuss new library hours

“If I’m typing downstairs and have to go upstairs to look at a book for two hours, if deadline is midnight, I’d feel more rushed.”

Nick Stewart, English freshman

“Maybe at the beginning of the year it could close at 2 a.m., but 24 hours during the latter part of the year would be beneficial for students.”

Phil Mosley, pre-law sophomore

“The library offers a better learning atmosphere. Dare I say it may damage my academic career?”

Tessa Meek, undecided freshman

“I don’t think it’s beneficial because a lot of students need a place to study late at night, especially on-campus students.”

Sarah Ison, equine science and management sophomore

“I don’t like working in my room. I’d have to work in my basement, which is creepy.”

Megan Miller, pre-pharmacy freshman

“Non-freshman have roommates and need somewhere to go. It’s funny how we can afford to give President Todd a $100,000 bonus, but we can’t afford to keep the library open.”

John Witt, computer engineering senior

“It doesn’t bother me because I’m usually asleep by 2 a.m.”

Dan Spaulding, pre-physical therapy sophomore

“I’m in ROTC and have to wake up early, so for no reason would I ever be in the library at two in the morning.”

Anthony Gibson, undecided freshman

“It will hurt the people who want to study all night before an exam. The library is a great resource, and they’ll lose that.”

Adam Powers, physical therapy sophomore

“I don’t think it’s fair because a lot of students don’t have a place to study. If you have a roommate sleeping, you won’t be able to have the lights on to study.”

Chelsea Cuntz, merchandising, apparel and textiles sophomore