PepsiCo Recycling is calling on students to submit ideas on how to increase recycling


PepsiCo Recycling is calling on students to submit ideas on how to increase recycling

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(BPT) – There is an urgent need to increase recycling rates nationwide if we want to ensure our planet’s well-being for future generations. According to The Recycling Partnership, 22 million tons of U.S. household recyclables enter our environment each year. To curb waste and propel us toward a more sustainable future, PepsiCo Recycling partners with NGOs, local communities, and others within the industry to improve recycling infrastructure and access. The company is now challenging K-12 students to answer the simple but complex question: “How do we increase recycling?”

Through the company’s newly launched Recycling Innovation Challenge, students can share their school’s innovative ideas that encourage and reward more frequent and proper recycling habits. Those interested in participating have until January 31, 2022, to submit a unique project or idea that addresses the question: “How do we increase recycling?” The top elementary, middle, and high school entries will each win $5,000 for their school.

“We have to start being more thoughtful when it comes to recycling,” said Phil Cook (@ChemTeacherPhil), TikTok’s favorite chemistry teacher. “The Recycling Innovation Challenge pushes kids to think about their environment and how they can design something that really impacts the world around them.”

Parents and students, if you have an idea or you want your school to participate, chat with a teacher or principal about developing a submission. It’s simple to enter — sign up with your email and school information on the PepsiCo Recycling Innovation Challenge website and submit your recycling innovation.

Educators, encourage your students to get creative and think about how they can encourage themselves, their families, and their communities to reduce waste and recycle more. If you need inspiration or want to educate yourself and your students on recycling programs, you can also visit the PepsiCo Recycling Resources page. The comprehensive library of activities, lesson plans, videos and other resources can help teachers and parents get their students excited about recycling.

Teaching students what can and can’t be recycled gives them the power to make better recycling choices and educate their families on the subject. Find out your recycling provider’s recycling guidelines so everyone can work together to ensure the right materials get recycled.

To read the rest of the rules and learn more about the Recycling Innovation Challenge, please visit