Students need to inform themselves, stop whining

Letter to Editor by Kate Savage

Waaa, waaa, waaa. Just another victim editorial. This is an example of irresponsible and poorly thought through journalism.

Diane Lawless wasn’t elected to a seat “representing UK.” Diane Lawless was elected by an overwhelming majority to represent the 3rd District. Check the map. This is a very large and diverse area. It does include the UK campus area, but by no means is this the only group she represents.

Diane Lawless does represent students. She represents their right to decent and safe housing. She represents their right to a fair rent. She represents their right to respect. She represents their right to getting back their deposits from landlords. She represents their right to a voice.

However, she does not represent students self-appointed right to live any lifestyle they jolly well please.

Many students aren’t registered voters. Or at best, are registered to vote in hometowns other than Lexington. Think about it before you start bleating.

The building moratorium in place will stand until April 15. Was it assumed this would just be a six-month hiatus after which it would be business and vinyl box building as usual?

The attempt to redefine and clarify the legal definition of “family” within the R1 and R2 zones has been going on for several months now.

It’s important to stay informed. Did you really expect to be e-mailed, texted, sent a letter, phoned, receive a personal delivery with flowers every time there was a meeting? Sorry.

There are no secret meetings. All the meetings at city hall are posted on the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Web site. You just have to make a point of reading the information. No smoke and mirrors, no back room deals. You just have to pay attention.

So please, no more whining. It’s time to grow up. Painful?

Kate Savage

Columbia Heights resident