Second break-in in two weeks for Fine Arts



Less than two weeks after someone stole instruments from lockers in the Fine Arts Building, located at 465 Rose St., there has been another break-in in the building.

The Kernel could not reach UK Police Chief Joe Monroe for comment.

Michael Hardin, a music education senior, said he and three of his friends were in a hall outside the band room in the building around 10:30 p.m. when they saw two men they did not recognize, one dressed completely in black and one dressed in dark clothing.

While talking to his friends, Hardin said he noticed the men staring down the hall with unusual expressions on their faces.

Hardin went upstairs to check to see if anything was suspicious there, and his friends saw the two men leave in a van.

Hardin said when he saw the two men they did not have anything in their hands but were both wearing big jackets.

Eli Gross, an arts administration junior, said someone stole her viola in the last break-in that occurred at the Fine Arts Building on Jan. 23, but UK Police were able to locate it.

“I just feel like as a student I have the right to not have that happen,” she said.

Gross said one door in the building requires a key card, but that most of the time someone would be able to find other doors left open.

To prevent break-ins from happening, Gross said the first step would be to re-examine the building’s security.

Gross said after the last break-in, a teacher in the college notified students through e-mail, but no one from the college’s administration took action.

“I think there does need to be greater interaction between these high-up staff people,” she said.