Paul perfect candidate to lead Kentucky

Letter to Editor by Brent Black

Last weekend, while you were likely trapped indoors because of the snowstorm that swept the Bluegrass state, over 800 supporters gathered in Louisville to watch Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) campaign for his freedom-fighting son, Rand Paul. Though, it’s not as if he needed the help.

Surging in the polls with a double-digit lead over his primary contender and leading each of his prospective Democratic opponents, Rand Paul is quickly becoming the most popular person not named John Wall in this state.

So who gets the credit for this rising popularity?

Could it be the stalled healthcare bill that Democrats can’t seem to detach themselves from fast enough? Is it the spiraling national debt that Washington can’t seem to print its way out of fast enough?

Maybe it’s just the common sense that a nation can’t be sustainable while it incessantly spends more than it makes. Rand Paul’s mantra is moderation.

For more than a generation, we’ve listened to empty rhetoric about the calamity of capitalism. The State, always with a capital S, like Santa Claus gratuitously gives from its bottomless bag of goodies, limitless joy and prosperity.

But now we suffer under the agony of the welfare state.  We’re finding out the hard way: Santa’s not real.

As the nation begins to wake up to the truth of these cradle-to-grave fairy tales, Kentucky gets a chance to take a leadership role in Washington.  Rand Paul wants to bind government with a budget.  Let’s give him that opportunity.

Brent Black

economics junior