Pedestrians, drivers must adhere to rules

Kernel Editorial Board

In the battle of human versus car, the car will always win.

It isn’t rocket science, nor does it take a physicist to explain a two-ton vehicle will always overcome the average-sized human being.

So why do people jaywalk, knowing they’re putting their lives at risk?

It’s simple: they’re in a rush.

Surprisingly enough, the people driving the car, distracted with their phone or car stereo, may be in a rush too. And when those two meet, the human will be lucky if they make it out with a few good bruises.

This campus is notorious for jaywalking. Why walk down to the light on South Limestone when you can play human Frogger and run across to Arby’s?

Putting your life at risk isn’t worth the two minutes you may save from trying to dash across five lanes of traffic.

Right now, the amount of pedestrian-vehicle accidents occurring on campus is low, but the fact these accidents occur is cause for concern.

Many of these incidents may go unreported, with the only sign it occurred are the bruises left on the person who came up on the hood of a car.

We’re all in a rush. We all need to get somewhere. It’s up to students, faculty and staff to be aware of their situation. Look both ways, stop texting while you’re crossing the street and if at all possible, just use the crosswalk. Even when you’re doing everything right, drivers still get distracted and accidents still occur.

So for those driving on campus, here’s a word of advice: When there are signs posted that say, “No turn on red,” don’t turn on red. Pedestrians have the right of way at those crosswalks and shouldn’t have to worry about a rushed driver making a pancake out of them.

Be aware that there is always the possibility of a student attempting to take advantage of those last five seconds left on their crosswalk, darting to get from one side of Limestone to the other.

If everyone paid a little more attention to their surroundings this campus may be a less stressful place to both walk and drive around.