Grayson represents what Kentucky needs

Letter to Editor Derek Craigmyle

Rand Paul’s campaign is one of the most dishonest ones in the history of the Kentucky Senate race. Trey Grayson is running an honest campaign centered around issues that are affecting Kentuckians. Paul is evading social issues and making claims about Grayson that are simply false.

As an advocate of coal being economically efficient form of energy, Grayson does not support shutting down the coal industry that fuels Kentucky’s economy or endorsing Barack Obama’s views on coal.

Paul, in a political ad, leads voters to believe that Grayson is a supporter of Obama, when indeed he is not.

Like other Republican officials such as Sen. Mitch McConnell, Congressman Geoff Davis and Sen. John McCain, Grayson has vowed to work with the Obama administration toward a better America. Not at anytime has Grayson attacked Kentucky coal. This is one example of how mendacious Paul’s campaign has been.

Kentucky deserves better.

Kentucky deserves a leader who is strictly pro-life and against partial birth abortion, for cutting spending, against the war on coal and a leader who runs an honest campaign; that leader is Grayson.

On paper, Trey Grayson and Rand Paul may seem similar, but look closer to the facts and you will find that Rand Paul does not have many. Trey Grayson has the answers and he is right for Kentucky. Vote Grayson for U.S. Senate.

Derek Craigmyle

political science sophomore