The Benjy Davis Project improves sound, stays lighthearted on new album



Taking yourself seriously doesn’t always result in good music. See: Benjy Davis Project.

That isn’t to say they took themselves seriously and made a bad album. In fact, it means quite the opposite.

“Lost Souls Like Us” is the fourth studio effort from the folk-rock duo out of Louisiana, and levity seems to be the theme pervading most of the album.

It has its share of ballads, but as a group who has made such drastic sonic improvements from their previous record, it would seem almost natural that more serious tones would accompany their newfound polished sound. It doesn’t. And it’s a good thing.

Lead vocalist Benjy Davis started the group with drummer Mic Capdevielle in 2001. The group has since signed to Rock Ridge Music and has opened for acts such as John Mayer and Sister Hazel.

The southern influence on their album is evident and shouldn’t be a surprise considering guests that join their back-up band on the album. Musicians from acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lady Antebellum and .38 Special are among those that make up the ever-changing revolving door that is the Benjy Davis Project studio band.

As far as the album’s lyrical lightheartedness, no song sums it up better than “Get High.” With lyrics that are far from subtle — “Everybody’s so serious/Everybody’s so scared/It’s enough to make a man delirious/Enough to make him lose his hair/We need to get a little beer in us/We need to pull up a chair/Sit it on down, pass it around” — the song essentially sums up a message that agrees with the entire album. Don’t take life too seriously and make every day a good one.

The album isn’t flawless. Some of the songs drone on with no real hook, while others struggle to find a contemporary sound. However, the albums’ bright spots outshine the flaws, making them easily forgiveable.

For anyone looking for a fitting soundtrack to welcome the warm weather, the Benjy Davis Project serves as a perfect complement to album collections already featuring artists ranging from Dave Matthews to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Just don’t take the Benjy Davis Project too seriously. They wouldn’t want you to.