Three vying for SG presidency, voting starts Wednesday



Ryan Smith and Kelsey Hayes are rerunning for office as they currently hold the position. Last year they implemented TallyCats and a scholarship drive while also standing strong for students during the housing issue.

“Ryan and I feel as if we can really impact this university by seeing through some of our projects we started this year,” Hayes said.

Having already served a year, Smith feels they will be able to get right to work, bypassing the learning period.

“There is a huge learning curve when it comes to serving in these positions and Kelsey and I are fortunate to have a year of experience,” Smith said. “Our relationships with Lexington Government officials and the mayor, for example, will provide us with the background and experience to advocate for students if another major issue similar to the off-campus housing debate were to arise.”

Five platform points for Smith/Hayes

•    Seeing through initiatives that were started last year.

•    Create a safe driver program providing student transportation off-campus during late hours.

•    Create a peer-to-peer textbook exchange program.

•    Maintain relationships with city officials.

•    Lobbying in Frankfort to show the issues that students face.


Michael Haag and Julie Colgate are running together because of the passion they share for UK and the want to make a positive change.

“I am so proud to be a Wildcat and love this university,” Colgate said. “I want to be proactive in my senior year at UK and make the positive changes that are needed.”

The two feel they have gained the experience needed by holding many different leadership positions throughout campus.

“From my previous leadership experiences at UK, I have taken away a great deal of knowledge of how UK works, and the best ways to be effective with the position as student government president,” Haag said.

Five platform points for Haag/Colgate

•    Create transparency but redesigning the Student Government Web site.

•    Bridge the gap between UK and Lexington.

•    Discuss the issues student organizations face by hosting a forum at the beginning of fall semester.

•    Support student organizations on campus not only financially but in person as well.

•    If allowed, be more of a part in the experience of first year students.


Watson Harding and Solange Minstein take pride on the fact they are the only independent ticket on the ballot this year, meaning they are not affiliated with any Greek organization on campus.

“Greek candidates dominate Student Government because they get out the vote,” Harding said. “UK students who feel neglected need to vote and now with the process online it is literally only a few minutes of your time.”

The pair feels by being unaffiliated it will help with being able to openly represent the whole student body.

“Smith and Hayes did pull out what is probably the best possible result from the off-campus housing debacle and I commend them for it,” Harding said. “However, they have done little to engage student leaders outside of the Greek system and Student Government has not fostered dialogue amongst students about their role and future in UK’s community.”

Five platform points for Harding/Minstein

•    Making the basketball lottery system fair.

•    True student voice in the Board of Trustees.

•    Push for gender-neutral facilities and inclusion of gender identity and expression in the university’s non-discrimination policy.

•    Advocate a responsible drinking policy on campus.

•    Stand in solidarity with any attempts by UK faculty and staff to unionize and demand a living wage.

Students can vote online at using a Link Blue ID and password to log in. Polls will be set up on campus in the Student Center near the Starbucks and in White Hall Classroom Building from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

The results of the election will be announced at approximately 8 p.m. Thursday on the Student Center Patio.