Students should continue to give back after graduation

Kernel Editorial Board

In the past week, it seems as if the university has come together to help the community of Lexington through a variety of philanthropy events.

Whether it is Splashball, the Krispy Kreme Habitat for Humanity 5K run, Kappasta or Blacklight Volleyball, students have come out to support Lexington in fun and exciting ways.

The variety of philanthropic events are a great reflection on this university. It shows the city of Lexington there are students who care and are willing to give back.

While it’s commendable to see so many students combining fun and giving back, it’s a good time to remind students that philanthropy shouldn’t be just be a one-time event — giving back shouldn’t have an expiration date.

Students should continue to volunteer and give time not only while in college, but after the cap and gown have collected dust in the corner of the closet.

Hopefully, as UK students go out into the world and leave campus, they’ll carry their philanthropic ways with them, be it out into the Lexington community or outside the Commonwealth.

Wouldn’t that be the best reflection of all? To take these philanthropic values taught in the classroom, in your community and Greek life out into the world?

Giving back thousands of dollars and volunteer time shouldn’t just be a requirement fulfilled begrudgingly on a Saturday morning, but rather a fulfilment to your community that’s given so much to you.

Philanthropy will always be a staple of this campus. Let’s ensure that, upon graduating, it continues on throughout every UK student’s life.