Immigrant issue differs from past manifestations

Letter to Editor by Michael Frick

While I applaud Sean Taylor’s efforts to get students to reflect on their own heritage, you made some mistakes in doing so.

My heritage is predominantly German, my great-grandfather coming to the United States in 1913 just prior to World War I.

However, unlike many people today, he did so legally, according to the laws and statutes on the books here in the U.S. at the time.

He faced harassment by the government, including inspections on his house during World War II, despite the fact his son, my grandfather, was serving in the U.S. Navy.

The bottom line is that he came here legally, just like many had to when they came from Europe.

When they would come through Ellis Island, if for any reason their paperwork or story didn’t line up, they were returned to the ship and sent back home.

It is a proven fact illegal immigrants cost our country money. That doesn’t mean we should just allow them all in.

Yes, we should target the companies who allow illegal immigrants to work for them, but our country is not responsible for everyone else.

The immigrants today do not hold the same ideals most did back during the Ellis Island days.

Most coming up from Mexico do not plan to stay here, they intend to make a few bucks and return home.

This was not the case in our nation’s history. We are bleeding money due to these illegal immigrants.

Oh, and by the way, during the War of 1812, Canada was still owned and operated by Britain, they were not an independent country yet, and the U.S. was essentially beaten during that operation into Canada.

Michael Frick

education senior