Students vacate apartment complex

International students living in a UK off-campus complex vacated their home Friday after a routine inspection revealed electrical problems.

Crumbling insulation surrounding electrical wires forced out 12 students living at an apartment complex at 404 Linden Walk, Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services Ben Crutcher said.

“We had maintenance reports of strange things happening with the lighting,” Crutcher said. “We talked to the UK fire marshal and decided there were safety concerns.”

To accommodate the displaced students, UK has rented rooms at a hotel for the weekend and will have units available at Cooperstown Apartments, Shawneetown Apartments and Commonwealth Village. Students will be charged the same rate they paid at the Linden Walk complex, Crutcher said.

“We’re going to look at the cause and get estimates,” Crutcher said. “We just don’t want students in any kind of danger.”