Taxi service discontinued

TaxiCats, a discounted taxi service for students, has been temporarily discontinued, according to a Friday news release.

According to the release, All American Taxi, the vendor that provided the service, was recently sold. This caused the temporary suspension of the program. UK Parking and Transportation Services is talking with local taxi companies to continue the TaxiCats program.

Founded in 2006, TaxiCats was created when the Division of Student Affairs and  Student Government collaborated with the Genesis Project. Genesis is a UK student organization that works with a coalition of 42 national and international fraternities and sororities dedicated to finding solutions to the problem of binge drinking among college students. In 2006, the coalition chose UK and DePauw University to participate in a pilot program that works with student leaders and administrators to develop and execute a long-term program to change student alcohol culture.

According to a Sept. 13, 2009, Kernel article, TaxiCats was available anytime and allowed students to travel within the boundaries of Chevy Chase, Broadway, Greg Page Apartments and Main Street for $2 per person.