SAB to host VMA party


Mary Duffy

Need a place to watch the always shockingly entertaining MTV Video Music Awards? At 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 12, check out the MTV VMA Party hosted by the Student Activities Board at the third floor of Commons.

Everyone talks about the events of this night for months, whether it is Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift or Britney Spears kissing Madonna. 

The night will be full of free food, free stuff and, of course, a chance to root for your favorite stars as they walk across the stage to accept their Moon Men.

“There will be a red carpet for when students arrive, their pictures will be taken and they will be uploaded to the UK Facebook page. So be sure and tag yourself,” said Chelsea Melchor, sophomore and the director of pop culture for SAB.

“There will be trivia about past VMAs, prizes, and students can text vote for who they think should win and a poll will appear on the big screen to see if they were right,” Melchor said.

The event is expected to have 100 or more people attend. 

“It’s a casual and relaxing Sunday night,” said Brad Elliott, a sophomore and the director of cinema for SAB.

“Students can come for a couple hours or so, stay the entire time, or just come for the big awards at the end of the night. It’s a chance to enjoy live music and fun with a group of friends.”

“College students are into pop culture more than any other age group,” Elliott said. “Students will be watching the VMAs anyway, why not watch them with a larger group of friends and other students? It’s much like the Oscars, they’re better with a group. Invite some of your friends and join this event.

The event is located on South Campus in order to create more traffic flow and give students a chance to hang out somewhere other than the Student Center.

“If you’re already planning on watching and since dorms are small, why not come and watch with free food and friends?” Melchor said. 

The food will be catered by the Student Center and will include snacks and popcorn.

The VMAs will be hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler and the nominees include Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Drake, Katy Perry and many more. The biggest award of the night is the Video of the Year Award. 

The nominees for this award are 30 Seconds to Mars with “Kings and Queens,” B.o.B with “Airplanes,” Eminem with “Not Afraid,” Florence + the Machine with “Dog Days Are Over,” Lady Gaga for both “Bad Romance” and “Telephone(featuring Beyonce).”

Lady Gaga is nominated for 13 awards, but anyone can win. Come hang out with the SAB and see for yourself!