Top 4 things not to do on a first date

Anyone is willing to dish out advice about what to do on a first date. Dress nice, smile a lot. But in the make or break world of dating, it’s the “don’ts” that really matter.

It’s the creepy, crazy and weird things people do on a first date that ultimately decide whether or not they’ll get a second shot. One minor mishap, and your date will be texting “rescue me” under the table.

To land yourself a second date, keep these four major “don’ts” in mind.

1. Don’t come off too strong.

This can be taken a few different ways. For guys, coming off too strong usually consists of boasting about sexual expertise, which really freaks girls out. Alluding to going back to your place the entire date really only has the girl checking her drink for roofies.

For women, coming off too strong is the constant mention of how you’re looking for something “serious.” It’s fine to let a guy know what you want later on, but talking about your desperate search for true love on the first date only makes you look like a contestant on “The Bachelor.”

2. Don’t talk too much or too little.

Everyone knows that first dates can be awkward, and uncomfortable silence makes them even worse. Easy topics to discuss like pop culture or your interests help to keep conversation flowing and help avoid the dreaded “cricket, cricket.”

Rambling on and on about yourself doesn’t make for a good first date, either. Launching into a soliloquy gives the impression you’re narcissistic and disinterested in the other person. Instead, it should be an equal balance of listening and sharing.

3. Don’t show up late or cancel at the last minute.

This isn’t a nail appointment. You can’t just reschedule when you feel like it. If you have committed to going on a date, make sure you follow through. It’s painful to the other person to be stood up, and it will ruin any chance of getting a second date.

Also, showing up on time is important. If you are meeting someone you don’t want to make them wait alone — it starts the date off on the wrong foot.

4. Don’t bring up heavy topics.

It’s a first date, not a therapy session. So unless you’re out with Dr. Drew, now is not the time to bring up your eating disorder or your parents’ divorce. When first getting to know someone, you don’t want to reveal every skeleton in your closet.

This also includes talking about exes. It’s a topic that brings negative energy to a conversation and suggests you’re still hung up on the past. It’s an unavoidable topic at times, so just make positive remarks or joke about it instead of diving into a soap opera about past relationships.

While going on a first date is always stressful, knowing what to avoid can ease anxiety. You should just relax and be yourself, and hopefully a second date will come naturally.