Headlines traumatize



Column by Cassidy Herrington.

Campus is not “plagued” by robberies nor is there a “flood” of them on campus.

Last week was fraught with crime, and I apologize to the Kernel readers who may have gone into cardiac arrest upon reading the headlines.

There were five isolated incidents. Yes, this is more than there should have been (and collectively more than the 2009-2010 school year), but no need to strike terror into penetrable students. No, you’re not going to be stabbed or shot on your regular walk home from the library. Just be smart.

Follow Uncle Calipari’s sage advice: “pay attention to your surroundings, even late at night, even if you’re with a group.”

I learned this lesson the hard way. A man attempted to pull me into his car two years ago when I was walking back to my dorm [alone.] I was very fortunate to fight him off — thanks to a kick assisted by sharp stilettos. Consequentially, I now carry pepper spray.

Which brings me to my next tangential point: concealed carry on campus.  Answering violence with concealed gun permits is the equivalent of dousing a fire with kerosene. An arms race will not solve the problem, but rather, it will elevate hostility (see also the Cold War.) Bar fights are brutal enough without guns.

The ultimate solution, aside from Calipari’s innovative recommendations, is for the police to step up their game — and not in their Gestapo-approach to raiding off-campus parties.

Drinking is not abnormal in a college campus setting, especially UK. I know a few alums who would even be quick to point out that this generation is amateur at partying. So cops, let the students continue what’s been a fact of life for decades, and do your job. Fight crime.

These bouts with violence may push UK further down the Reader’s Digest list of safe college campuses, but a side effect may be a reversal of police priorities.

One can only hope. Until then, dear readers, do not fret. Uncle Calipari has your back.