Fans celebrate in own ways

Letter to the editor by Kevin Floore. E-mail [email protected].

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After reading Chandler Howard’s column, “Cats suffer lack of support in win,” I was disappointed, but not in the Big Blue Nation.

First, shame on Howard as a journalist for passing this rant off as newsworthy.

Secondly, shame on the Kernel for allowing Howard to air his frustrations via their otherwise reputable publication.

He speaks of presenting a “united front” of support for our athletic program, yet jabs at the Greek community for its behavior at the games. Such whining should be confined to one’s living room.

But let’s not lose sight of the matter at hand.

Kudos to the football team for taking care of business on Saturday. They scored at will and, except for a few big plays, dominated an inferior opponent just the way they should have.

It is unfortunate that Sanders’ first two touchdowns came at such a noncritical juncture, but based on the way he runs, I have a feeling he will be sharing many more touchdowns at much bigger moments with Commonwealth in years to come.

Let each enjoy the game in his or her way. To the die-hards who stick it out to the last snap, I raise a cold one from my front porch to you. But don’t think for a second that because I’m not there to witness the thrashing of Western Kentucky in person that I am any less supportive of this team.

Even the most fanatic of supporters can’t be surprised when fans begin to scoot after we take a four touchdown lead. I imagine the same phenomenon occurs at big programs like Ohio State and Florida as well. Those same fans that took off on Saturday will be there right alongside the crazies when Auburn and Georgia roll into town (including the “drunken frat guys”).

Finally, let us not lay the cause for “one of the worst student sections in the SEC” solely at the feet of the student body.

For all its good qualities, the athletic department’s policies on pricing and procuring student tickets don’t reward die-hard fans’ fanaticism. Now, UK crazies are just as likely to be stuck in the nosebleed seats at football and basketball games as the most pedestrian observers.

Students at the schools Howard mentions pay a much greater entry fee, be it higher ticket prices or camping out for seats. So, it follows that they have more energy invested in the game. If real change is desired, then start by making students put more skin in the game before kickoff or tip off.

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