Crime report shows increases, decreases

By Katie Perkowski

Because of recent on-campus robberies, members of the UK community have had crime on the mind. Wednesday, UK’s Office of

Emergency Management released the 2010 annual Campus Safety and Security Report, listing the number of reported crimes for 17 different offenses during 2009.

While some of the 17 listed crimes increased from 2008 to 2009, some also decreased. The crimes in the report include forcible sex offense, robbery, aggravated assault, wanton endangerment, theft and criminal damage to property.

The on-campus crimes that saw decreases from 2008 to 2009 include forcible sex offense, theft and criminal damage to property.

On-campus forcible sex offenses went from eight to seven, on-campus thefts went from 549 to 510 and on-campus criminal damages to properties went from 170 to 107, according to the report.

The on-campus crimes that saw increases from 2008 to 2009 include robbery, aggravated assault and wanton endangerment.

On-campus robberies went from four to six, on-campus aggravated assaults went from zero to 11 and on-campus wanton endangerments went from three to 31.

The report also lists crimes that occurred at residential facilities, non-campus locations and on public properties.

Because the 2010 report gives information reported during 2009, the five robberies that occurred recently will be included in the 2011 report.

The 2010 annual Fire Safety Report also came out, and eight reported fires occurred in university housing in 2009. The fires occurred at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house, Kirwan I, Kirwan III, Greg Page Apartments 1 and 13, Kappa Delta Sorority house, Donovan Hall and Sigma Kappa Sorority house, according to the report.

No injuries requiring treatment occurred, and no deaths occurred because of the fires. Causes included discarded smoking materials, a vehicle fire outside of a facility and exterior mulch fire.

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