Local companies throw integrity to the curb

I am writing this letter to inform the community about a ‘crooked’ company to avoid. Metro Towing practices predatory towing schemes and does not deserve to be patronized in the event of an emergency.

I had just picked up an order at the not-so-high-quality McDonald’s on South Limestone near campus and was picking up friends’ orders at the pizza take-out counter across from this McDonald’s, when I noticed my car had been placed up on risers. Going to address the situation, I was charged $70 to get my car off the truck, essentially ruining my day. After

talking to another patron at McDonald’s, I was informed that this was the sixth time this particular operator had done this in the last 30 minutes. I guess business must be slow right now, and this company just feels the need to rob college students to keep the lights on.

Regardless, neither Metro Towing or the McDonald’s on South Limestone showed ethics or accountability to the community today, and I urge you to avoid patronizing both of these companies. Perhaps they will have to prey upon more college students when their service bottom lines are impacted even more?

When a company’s employees have to hide out and snag people trying to patronize its partner businesses just to pay the bills, you have to wonder what kind of person owns and operates that company.

I hope this letter to the community helps people avoid this inconvenience and educates the aforementioned businesses via their balance sheets on community relations and ethics.

Charles Fackler

Marketing and management junior