A better cessation recipe, no more ‘quitting cold turkey’



How many people do you know have successfully quit tobacco?

The average success rate for quitting “cold turkey” is a one in 20 chance.

You’d be better off throwing that Butterball in the oven and serving it up for Thanksgiving.

Let’s stick with recipes that will be more effective when you’re ready to kick the habit for good.

There are proven ways to conquer a tobacco addiction, and the University can help with counseling and support.

Try this recipe for quitting:

1.  Start with a quit date: Choose a date meaningful to you, but will avoid stressful times. Stressors and external pressures may make quitting more difficult.

2.  Blend in a strong dose of accountability: Notify the important people in your life that you’re quitting and ask for their support.

3.  Add coaching: Make an appointment with a tobacco treatment specialist to discuss nicotine replacement medication, including patches, gum, lozenges or prescription medications. All of these options are free under the student health fee.

4.  Mix together these ingredients with a side of patience in your slow cooker, because conquering a tobacco addiction takes time.

Research has shown people are most successful with a combination of counseling and medication.

Nicotine replacement medications can double your chance of quitting because they help your body to decrease cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.

Students may contact the University Health Service or the Counseling Center for an appointment. Staff and faculty can check out (www.uky.edu/tobaccofree) for more information.

See (www.ukhealthcare.uky.edu/uhs) for more details.