New Power promises to keep Ky. proud

Letter to the Editor by Jennifer Wurts. E-mail

I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2003 and am proud to be a Kentuckian. I am fortunate to have grown up in a strong, supportive community, received a high-quality education and have been able to make a living surrounded by my friends, family and the stunning natural beauty of this state. I believe many of us who have chosen to make Kentucky our home feel the same way.

However, not all Kentuckians are so fortunate.

Big coal companies are using and abusing the people and land of eastern Kentucky. While the companies get rich, the communities remain poor, their well water toxic, their lives threatened if they speak out and their children forced to abandon their hometowns to make a decent, safe living as adults. Yet political candidates continue fighting over which of them loves big coal the most instead of fighting for the rights of their constituents.

We can change that right now. We can raise our voices together and let candidates know that it’s time for New Power. We can tell them that we will vote for candidates who will work for policies that create clean energy jobs, affordable renewable energy and healthy communities and that address the problems created by old power fossil fuels. Make our voices heard — visit ( and sign the New Power Pledge today. Keep Kentucky a state we’re proud to call home.

Jennifer Wurts

2003 UK graduate