Students get chance to explore internship and job opportunities



By Rachel Aretakis

Students will have the opportunity to meet with employers and learn of employment and internship opportunities at the UK Fall 2010 Employer Showcase.

The fair will be in the Student Center Grand Ballroom Wednesday and Thursday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Wednesday will consist of “technical” employers in fields like computer science, scientific research, construction and engineering, according to the James W. Stuckert Career Center website.

Thursday is the “non-technical” day where employers will represent fields like accounting, consulting, communication, health care, government and other areas without a technical or scientific focus.

In total, 115 employers will be represented, said Francene Gilmer, assistant provost for Career Education and director of the Career Center.

Most employers are from Kentucky, Gilmer said. However, many are regional offices.

Some represent the federal government, which means that assignments can be anywhere in the United States, Gilmer said.

The career fair was recently renamed “Employer Showcase” to “give way to the fact that employers are here showcasing what they offer,” Gilmer said.

Gilmer said one of the goals of the fair is to make students aware that employment is still available.

Though the fair focuses on employment opportunities, employers are also offering internships and co-ops.

Gilmer said although the fair is primarily for juniors and seniors, freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to attend to learn about internship opportunities.

“The advantage of doing internships is that it also helps students understand what they do like and what they don’t like,” Gilmer said.

She said students should take advantage of the three summers they have before their senior year to “gain work experience” through an internship. Internships are “the entry into full time employment,” she said.

The fair shows students what opportunities are associated with their majors, and Gilmer said whatever the students’ majors are, they are likely to find an opportunity.

Students will also gain interview experience and have a chance to network with employers in their field.

Gilmer said students can learn of their competition here, and that they are competing on a state level and national level for jobs.

The Career Center recommends students come dressed professionally and with a resume.

“They should be ready to give a short speech about who they are, what their major is and the opportunities they are looking for,” Gilmer said.

Another career fair will be held in the spring. Students can find more information at (